Ages 0-3
Tiffany Carson (Leader)
Brittany Cline (Assistant)

Our goal is to introduce the bible basics to your children. We create a friendly, loving environment, where they can develop their learning and social skills and learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

Ages 4-6
Brooke Williams (Leader)
Sarah Nitzsche (Assistant)


Ages 7-9
Tina Adkins


Ages 10-12
Dakota & Tracy Fitzsimmons
Fuel- Teens
Andy & Fara Dockery
Shaggy & Angie Blevins
Consumed- Young Adults Couples: Ages 20-29
Corey & Jessica Brewer
Our goal is to teach young couples important values of a successful marriage. In order to do so, we want to teach each person about the Biblical role inside of their marriage. While teaching about Biblical marriage is important, our number one goal is to encourage each individual to seek and encounter God on a personal level and to make their PERSONAL relationship with God the most important relationship in their life. If we keep God first in our life, we will keep God first in our marriage and we will operate in a powerful way with our spouse!
Consumed- Young Adults College: Ages 20-29

Pastor Jackie Midkiff

Adults: Ages 30-54
JB & Kathy Bach
Senior Adults: Ages 55+
Virginia Cline